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We are a household name in the Cabinetry and Countertop Industry, thanks to our award-winning customer service. We supply, fabricate and install different types of cabinets and countertop materials including Natural Stone (Marble & Granite), Quartz, Solid Surfaces, and Porcelain Surfaces

Fitting your home goals and objectives within a realistic budget and time frame is what we specialize in.

Our primary goal is to help you, our invaluable customer, find the best solution for your home improvement projects while adhering to your time and budgetary constraints. Simply put, providing quality and excellent services for your hard-earned money is what we do.

With over 15 years in operation, Pro Kitchen Remodeling is a professional Dallas. Contractor famed for its resourcefulness in award-winning architects, general contractors, interior designers, and home builders.

Why Choose Us

Your cabinets and countertops are the workhorse of the kitchen, and at Pro Kitchen Remodeling, we now have more choices of Dallas Cabinetry and  Countertops than ever before.

Our cabinets and countertops will make a beautiful addition to your kitchen. Every rock pulled from the earth has its own mineral color, veining and speckles brought vividly to life by our fabricators’ saws and polishing wheels.

When it comes to your dream remodeling project, nothing beats the real thing. Visit our Bellerica showroom to find just the right countertop

Smart Designs

With the right design, customers can create an inviting and functional space that adds value to their home. Smart design takes into account not only the aesthetic appeal of the kitchen but also the practical aspects such as storage and accessibility.

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