franklin t9 mobile hotspot not working

T-Mobile can provide assistance if you are experience problems with the Franklin T9. As such, it is important to invest in quality connections. No - Visit My Account online or use the myCricket app and add the Mobile Hotspot feature for $10/mo, or visit a retail store. Though, it would have been much better if the RAM size is slightly higher to achieve greater performance. What type of weBoost product are you looking for? Ive spent HOURS pursuing this with Tmobile tech support only to be told too bad so sad or words to that effect. One cannot by default edit the APNs for instance. It can also help to go to Settings > General > Reset to reset your network settings. frznfngrs Posts: 5 Joined: Sun Sep 20, 2020 5:07 am Has thanked: 0 Our Editor Tested hotspot unlocked franklin t9 mobiles Review: 1. Thanks. Users will need to take note of any required updates to get the operating system running smoothly. Additionally, it also comes with a descriptive graph listing all of the buttons on the mobile hotspot. You can also connect up to eight Wi-Fi capable devices to the Internet at once - depending on what the devices are doing (e.g. Were a leader in comprehensive solutions to fix cell connection issues inside any structure. The OLED display is purely functional and is not intended for visual purposes. Item Package Quantity - 1. You can find your Wi-Fi Name and Password any time you need. 6. I haven't used this device in a while but needed it today. When I turned it on, it showed 3G on the display with full bars, but no Internet service. It normally takes 3~5 hours, depending your power sources and device status to fully charge the battery. Back Cover Notch - Lift the notch to open the back cover. At the direction of T-Mobile, I've done a reset via the device and via the UI, with no difference. That said, there are some commonalities between hotspots and carriers, and certain tricks will help you get your hotspot up and running whether youre on Android, iOS, Windows, or MacOS. However, a slightly larger display might have been a better option for improved accessibility. SIM Card Stopper Lift the stopper to insert or replace the Nano SIM card. All though it's brand new and sealed. Once inside, a booster amplifies the cell signal received by the outside antenna and relays it to strategically placed indoor antennas in the troublesome spots more commonly known as dead zones. The hotspot has been working since October and hasnt shut down. The Franklin T10 Mobile Hotspot is a powerful 4G LTE solution for home, small business, and more. But it will be a different story if the mobile device is connected to 15 devices. In this video, we show you how to set up your device and get connected to your T-Mobile. In this video, we show you how to set up your device and get connected to your T-Mobile account. We understand that the display is not the main highlight of the device. Charger Port - The USB charger connects here. This'll allow for superior WiFi broadcasting. Operating systems may not appear to have a significant role in mobile hotspots. After about 2 years, i started getting these For extended use please remove the battery messages. Ensure that your device is connected to your computer and then open a web browser page. Free shipping for many products! Plus, the mobile hotspot is within the low-end price range. Passive Antenna Adapter Cable for Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot Fme Male Connector. Product Type - Networking Router. The Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot has a total RAM of 256MB. (212) 220-8000 Please try again. Submit a RMA (Return Merchandise Approval). > Best Cell Phone Signal Boosters for Rural Areas, > 9 Tips for Boosting Your Cell Signal at Home, > Mobile Hotspots and Hotspot Boosters: What You Need to Know, > How to Find a Cell Phone Tower Near You. The processor is made to provide quality connectivity and up to 4G LTE connection. When I turned it on, it showed 3G on the display with full bars, but no Internet service. Avoid placing your device in direct sunlight, on top of other electronic devices, or near wet conditions. Thx. The size is perfect enough to be put into our pockets. 8. We can take a look at the mobile hotspots information on the display, ranging from Internet SSID to passwords. Battery contact Insert the battery to align with the battery contacts. I use the T9 as a backup to the primary Starlink internet which has been working 100%, so i may not need a backup anymore. Display When the display is off (sleep mode), the first quick press Wake-Up of the button wakes up the display. As far as settings go, setting up the mobile hotspot should be fuss-free with these instructions. 4. Directions Power Up the hotspot To turn your Hotspot on or off, press and hold the Power Button on the front of the device for at least two seconds. I never had this issue with the old ALCAT, the new unit cost $150 and to have these issues is very upsetting. The battery discharges faster as additional devices connect to your hotspot. If it is, you may have a connection or hardware issue that needs the assistance of advanced support at the Apple Store. Top subscription boxes right to your door, 1996-2023,, Inc. or its affiliates, Learn more how customers reviews work on Amazon. If your connection is active but its actually your data thats slow or prone to drops, you might need a signal booster. Your recently viewed items and featured recommendations. It might last up to 8 hours if connected to a single device. Check coverage availability in your location. If youre in a slightly remote area, or just on the wrong side of a large building or hill from the nearest cell tower, your connection could be even worse and slow to a crawl just when you need it most. Is there a way to set it up such that it restarts automatically when the power comes back on? YesNo Related Topics Other Users Found Helpful Tutorials: Concluding our Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot review, we believe this is a great option for our Internet connection needs. It all starts with an outside antenna, which communicates with nearby cell towers and feeds the signal in. We are provided with a default password during its initial configuration. Troubleshoot your device How Tos Apps & Accessories Battery, Memory, & Storage Connections & Network Device Specific Support Email & Messaging Security Settings & Tech Specs The Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot comes with several technical aspects that may be complex to the casual user. Franklin T9 mobile hotspot not connecting to the network and showing WCDMA I haven't used this device in a while but needed it today. It contains a visual diagram of all components accompanied by their respective labels. Read our Consumer Guide to Cell Phone Signal Boosters. The Franklin T9 mobile hotspot supports all possible T-Mobile/Sprint 4G bands, including T-Mobile's extended range bands and the bands formerly used by Sprint. If all else fails, try removing the connection from your devices and starting again from scratch. However if you remove to battery and power is lost, then you are required to press the button to reboot. Back Cover Notch Lift the notch to open the back cover. This device does not have an antenna port to directly connect an antenna to, but you can use an antenna with your device by using a passive adapter cable. That concludes our small introduction to the Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot user manual. overnight) MUST be monitored for temperature, and the Franklin T9 works, except when it doesnt. Product Highlights: 40-hour standby But when you have a mobile hotspot connected and no internet, your work could crawl to a halt, as well as frustrate and divert your valuable attention to finicky troubleshooting. I like the idea of getting devices that are specifically designed for the long term, stationary use. Conclusion Hands down, this has to be one of my favorite IoT devices I have had the pleasure of playing with. This device is still new on the markets, so using it may be confusing. This procedure connected my tv to the internet. This means the mobile hotspot can encompass various areas and still provide a decent connection. Found a lower price? Read more about the condition For parts or not working: An item that does not function as intended and is not fully operational. This way, you can prevent any unwanted data usage from foreign strangers and avoid privacy breaches. It supports up to 15 connections at once, has a. Shop weBoost cell phone signal boosters to boost your mobile hotspot connection today so you dont have to worry about disconnecting again. Also, the display features a set of icons that indicates the status of the mobile hotspot. Specifications. Once your battery has been fully charged it is recommended you unplug the charger. Franklin T9 Hotspot Having the T9 at your fingertips will allow you to access LTE network for fast uploads and downloads. I then need to manually turn it back on again. The T9 Mobile Hotspot operates on a Qualcomm MDM9207-0 operating system with 256MB of RAM. Always protect your device from environmental conditions. X. xdaSEx10 Senior Member. it showed me a list of 4 profiles, profile1-profile4. It is cool that they are filling the need fairly well, but knowing the nature of the device it makes sense why these types of errors would be seen. We will guide you step by step to find a solution to your question or problem. Compared to other mobile hotspots, the device does have a relatively smaller RAM size. But if we require data connection all the time, this device might not be adequate. It also analyzed reviews to verify trustworthiness. In need of a strong, reliable Internet connection? Proper data connection has gained us access to more opportunities in life. If not, you can try updating both your Network adapter drivers or uninstall them. Thank you. Click it, and the process should walk you through the steps to get your devices wireless connection working again. The best part is that it doesnt limit you to your cell phones tiny and frustrating screen. Feedback heard and being passed along. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Fauquier County Public Schools - Warrenton VA 20186. This is where manuals come in handy. Went into the UI with my laptop, and it shows: Network Status: Disconnected Network: WCDMA Back Issue Resolved? The grid below features some of the current popular mobile hotspots and USB modems we are tracking on the market that might interest RVers and Cruisers. We use a Franklin T9 hotspot as well for an extended use situation in a vending machine. Say ok on the pop up. I'd say "probably not". 1. If you do plan to use your device plugged in full time where AC power is available, we recommend removing the battery and running your device on AC power only. Where do you need to improve your cell signal? Simply put, a cell signal booster gives you a workable signal even in deep dead zones in your home or car. 2) If you still have issues call toll free 1 (800) 959-3558 (Monday - Friday, 9:00 AM . So far Ive not had to. If you have trouble locating your T9 Mobile Hotspot Admin, this section teaches you where to locate the messaging portal. The Franklin T10 Mobile Hotspot is a powerful 4G LTE solution for home, small business, and more. Im going to try Lobys directions. I thought about the timer prior to leaving but could not find one in time. Here you can check out how to configure things like Wi-Fi Basic Settings and Mobile Network Settings. The timer option has worked for me. The new Franklin T9 mobile hotspot has a miro USB interface and a removable 2450mAh Lithium-Ion battery. Products with electrical plugs are designed for use in the US. This section gives you the proper instructions on how to install your software correctly. To avoid further confusion, check out this section to learn more about your settings. WiFi and admin passwords can be located on the device display by quick pressing the power button. I assume the battery is getting too hot. Unfortunately, while many hotspots have similar functionality and feature sets, the exact workings of each hotspot are different for each device, operating system, and carrier. T9 Franklin Mobile Hotspot Wi-Fi and Mobile Hotspot Security . T-Mobile customers may use any compatible GSM, UMTS, LTE, or 5G device, such as a tablet or smartphone, to access our Broadband Internet Access Services, as long as they do not cause harm to our network. Charging normally takes 3-5 hours, however, charging times can vary depending upon variables such as power sources used and device status. Doing so may cause damage that voids your warranty. Partners| Privacy | Terms of Use | Careers. These are typically notifications regarding your mobile hotspot usage. We can check whether its connected to a Wi-Fi or its current battery capacity. Whether you have a standalone hotspot like the Verizon Jetpack, a Nighthawk LTE or a MiFi, or youre trying to share your internet connection from your iOS or Android smartphone, start by resetting or rebooting your hotspot. It will not work with CDMA carriers including Sprint, Verizon, etc. I need to keep my Mobile Hotspot secure from unauthorized access. This hotspot has an OLED easy to read screen that displays status icons. As long as your phone has an internet connection, you should be able to share that connection with the right settings and features activated, though its important to note that on a standard plan you may not have hotspot functionality out of the box youll likely have to upgrade your plan to share your phones internet connection with other devices. This unlocked mobile Wi-Fi router uses a Qualcomm MDM9207-0 processor and operates with Linux 3.18 operating system. To charge the device, connect the included micro USB cable to the charging port on the side of the hotspot. Went into the UI with my laptop, and it shows: When I change the connection mode from "Automatic" to "LTE Only", it shows: Changing the connection mode to "3G Only" results in the same as leaving it as "Automatic". Adding settings put global tether_dun_required 0 over adb doesn't seem to work. For example, if the device suddenly powers off, or having trouble connecting the Wi-fi after changing the password. . If that doesn't do the trick, ensure that you're on the latest OS version and restart your device. I called T-Mobile but they could not offer me any help but to manually push the power button. Simply disconnecting all power, (no usb connection and removing the battery) for 30 seconds, then restarting the device will clear some issues. You dont need a costly router. Full content visible, double tap to read brief content. Anyone know if the T10 solves this issue? The light and the display show everything the way they should. Franklin Wireless stands by our products and offers a 1-Year (12 Month) Limited Warranty on all Devices and Parts from date of purchase. Although, there are a few aspects that require improvements. For cellular embedded routers, be sure to check our Mobile Routers Guide. Display Provides device status information such as battery, service signal strength, the number of users connected with Wi-Fi etc. . If it does run, with or without the battery, continue troubleshooting. Display - Provides device status information such as battery, service signal strength, the number of users connected with Wi-Fi etc. If your hotspot device seems to be working properly and has an active connection, it could be an issue with your service. First, check if Personal Hotspot is turned on in Settings > Personal Hotspot. Once battery has full charge it is recommended to unplug charger. The hotspot will be primarily working on battery but wont be continuously charged. Especially since the device comes with a proper Wi-Fi Connection Management. Shows device menu and information. Im going to try the solution proposed by DaveInRiverwoodand see if it works for me. Just press the power/menu button shortly when the display is on. This device is available with the Contributor level of membership. Containing all sorts of instructions, you wouldnt want to miss out on the T9 Franklin Mobile Hotspot user manual. Overall, its safe to say that the device does its job of becoming a mobile hotspot. Do not select it as active yet, tap ok to the right. For starters, it offers global 5G speeds . Not all services will work all devices. Inseego MiFi X Pro 5G Mobile Hotspot - Verizon & T-Mobile The Inseego MiFi X Pro 5G M3000 series are 5G mobile hotspot devices for Verizon and T-Mobile featuring Ethernet, and Wi-Fi 6. . 199 Chambers Street Go back and select profile5 now as the active and click ok. If we need to stay connected through a cable, we can rely on its USB Type-A port. 2022 Franklin Wireless Corp. All Rights Reserved. SIM error messages typically indicate that the SIM card is not provisioned. A bad password or any other number of issues can prevent you from getting online, and sometimes setting up a new profile is an easier fix. If your mobile hotspot has worked for you in the past, restarting your computer could solve the issue. Like most operating systems, the Linux is bound to system updates. or SIM card, please make sure the device is not connected to any power sources. Do not use any tools, sharp objects or any utensils when dealing with the battery. Sorry, our virus scanner detected that this file isn't safe to download. I have the exact same issue as Chuck D. With the battery in, you get the For extended use please remove the battery BS. Any help with this would be greatly appreciated. WHERE DO I FIND THE PASSWORDS ASSOCIATED WITH MY DEVICE? User manual The manual comes with precautions on what to do in the event of a sudden software update failure. Take a look at our Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot before you purchase this piece of modern technology. Brief content visible, double tap to read full content. Let us know. 8 Accessing the Network Work effectively outside the home or office with the reliable broadband speed that the LTE service provides. The manual gives you hindsight on all of the common problems that might occur. Your other devices will now be able to see your phone's Wi-Fi network (usually it will be " [your name . When charging, keep your device near room temperature. We wont be having the Internet connection that we truly need. Unlike home or office Wi-Fi that only works in the immediate vicinity of routers and WiFi repeaters, understanding how to connect a mobile hotspot to a laptop gives you fast, workable internet wherever you may be, as long as you have a cell connection. 5. Debug shows me that when it's on 3G, it's on band "WCDMA PCS 1900". streaming video). I have exactly the same problem. There is also a text panel available that can provide simple information. Also - check for updated drivers for your WiFi adapter on Windows. Here's how: Go to Settings -> Mobile networks -> Access Point Names. If it isnt, toggle the setting and try again. From setting up your Wi-fi to connecting to the Internet properly, everything is disclosed here. Youll find yourself downloading the entire document soon enough. Developers have utilized this certain chipset to accommodate several network carriers and bands. The T9 can support up to 15 separate devices at once. It hasn't even been 10 days,and I noticed the internet wasn't working this morning, and find the charged too long disconnect chargermessage! After you've enabled the hotspot on your phone, it will give you a password to use for tethering other devices. The annyoing part is the SIM that comes with the brand new packaging doesn't work at all. Please try again. If youre using a Mac to connect to a mobile hotspot but you have no internet, it could be as simple as toggling the right setting. Home. Of course, the battery capacity ultimately depends on our usage. Makes sense if you use an old style timer to turn on and off power to the hotspot for a few hours a day to charge the battery. My device won't turn on. Some devices come with a built-in hotspot, but youll still have to activate the service with your carrier, so call your provider if everything else looks to be in order. The PDF File link is all yours to click. Users will need to insert a Nano SIM Card before we could even operate the device. Answer (1 of 2): You don't, unless you are the school administrator. And I have the inactive timer set to always on. Same issue here, on vacation for 10 days and today my T10 seems to not be working, I can bet that the message says charged too long, as I pulled the battery out trying to solve the charged too long disconnect the charger issue. The first thing to try is to restart your Android or restart your iOS device you're using to establish the mobile hotspot. Depending on how many devices the mobile hotspot is connected to, this could affect the battery. Has anyone else attempted this solution before I place an orderfor this router? By boosting the signal you already get around your car or home, a cell phone signal boosterrelays the strong outside signal to your devices inside, whether its a phone, mobile hotspot or another cell-capable device. That is a total of 8 hours of using the device non-stop. Other than that, the mobile hotspot is pretty standard. Scroll down, select Network adapters. Im having the same issue with the T9. It's called Unlimited Mobile Internet with up to 500MB of 5G & 4G LTE Data. it will say the entry is incomplete. After viewing product detail pages, look here to find an easy way to navigate back to pages you are interested in. Run the Network adapter troubleshooter. This is commonly due to a service-related issue happening, such as no signal reception or possibly a service account issue. Also, check to ensure that the SIM card is installed properly in the SIM card slot and that it is not damaged or dirty. Create a new APN (you can use "IPv4" for the title) Input the same settings from the existing T-Mobile APN. Additionally, the mobile hotspot can connect up to 15 devices through its Wi-Fi sharing feature. You can also connect up to eight Wi-Fi capable devices to the Internet at once depending on what the devices are doing (e.g. Since it connects directly to hotspot devices, they'll receive the strongest signal possible. Instead, our system considers things like how recent a review is and if the reviewer bought the item on Amazon. Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot General Use Guide. But if we require data connection all the time, this device might not be adequate. Charger Port The USB charger connects here. Upon powering it up, it proceed to a message saying "WELCOME", then almost connects to LTE, and reboots, over and over. Occasionally the power goes out for an extended period of time, and the hotspot battery dies. Especially the ones that have a bigger battery capacity. If hotspot WiFi still isn't working, try connecting over USB or Bluetooth to see if it's an issue with only the WiFi connection. * View on T-Mobile Jump to Section Review Best hotspot for international travel Skyroam Solis X WiFi Smartspot Best option for travel outside the US Available for purchase or daily rental Find us here:Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: Support Community: Website: In this #TMobile video, we unbox the new #FranklinT10 mobile hotspot. Outlets and voltage differ internationally and this product may require an adapter or converter for use in your destination. Once done, you can enter the generated code into the Web UI to unlock the device for all SIM cards. Understand your device better with a manual. Evidently the sales folks dont know about the manual reboot requirement. Profit by protecting your security online while mobile. The device has received some recognition for offering coverage that we can rely upon. For a complete explanation, can read it up in the manual. Having the T9 at your fingertips will allow you to access LTE network for fast uploads and downloads. Fill out the form below. If youre using a mobile hotspot from your Android phone, check your settings or your hotspot app to determine whether the hotspot is active. If the sim card is not inserted, the T9 seems to function normally, with access to web admin. With a new account you may need to register or activate your hotspot service or subscription, so call your provider if a new device is functioning but not providing you with a workable connection. Windows has a built-in troubleshooter that can do the heavy lifting for you. Maybe there is a setting to change this auto-start, but Ive yet to find it. Goes out to lunch same as others have described. Press and hold the POWER key on your phone for five seconds. Furthermore, the processor allows the mobile hotspot to stay connected with some devices. For first-time users of mobile hotspots, operating the Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot can be slightly intimidating. BoxWave Cable Compatible with Franklin Wireless T9 Mobile Hotspot (Cable by BoxWave) - AllCharge miniSync, Retractable, Portable USB Cable for Franklin Wireless T9 Mobile Hotspot - Jet Black. Ensure that you press and hold the power button for more than 2 seconds. ($), Shipping cost: In comparison to the LINKZONE 2, it has shorter battery life and does not have the ability to charge other devices. Sometimes the wrong information can be cached or the settings can become corrupted, leading to connection issues., go to192.168.0.1 to access settings to your T-mobile hotspot. Despite that, we are still able to get a decent connection. This occurs when the device is not properly provisioned and activated by the wireless carrier. Never leave the T9 in an unattended vehicle due to uncontrolled temperatures that may be outside the desired temperatures for your device. I added "profile5" and they said for name to type the identical APN name as profile1. The passive adapter should be attached near the device's internal antenna. Forums. Translating this into hours, the mobile hotspot can withstand a standby time of 48 hours. This chapter provides you with basic instructions. If you have a mobile hotspot connected but no internet, the first place you should check is the hotspot itself. streaming video) About Basic Information Service Provider: T-Mobile Well also be needing the right devices to provide strong coverage. Find out more by reading through our summary of the manual document. When handling the battery or SIM card, please make sure the device is not connected to any power sources. go to 192.168..1 to access settings to your T-mobile hotspot Password is lowercase admin it will make you set a new password log in go to Settings-mobile network-APN under APN click Add it showed me a list of 4 profiles, profile1-profile4. There are different kinds of resets that you need to know, such as power reset and factory reset. Getting around these restrictions while using the native hotspot functionality requires work-arounds that I did not go far enough to successfully implement. The City University of New York Although, we do admit that it has a slight ruggedness to it. Thank you for your submission! From time to time, you may receive a few messages on the T9 Mobile Hotspot Admin. Before using your mobile hotspot, ensure that the battery is fully charged. Check out the whole thing by downloading the manual document. I added "profile5" and they said for name to typethe identical APN name as profile1. I would love to see T-Mobile offer something for long term connection in more unconventional areas where our home internet may not be available. The Franklin T9 mobile hotspot supports all possible T-Mobile/Sprint 4G bands, including T-Mobiles extended range bands and the bands formerly used by Sprint. If storing your mobile device for a long period of time, it is recommended you remove the battery. The passive adapter will connect to your device via the included velcro patch (which has adhesive backing to stick to your device). Stay informed, stay connected. It's ideal for those who have trouble getting internet and strong cell signal in their home. Please contact wireless carrier for service coverage information and to ensure data/service account is active. 2. Just click Start, type troubleshooting and click view all until you see network adapter.. Unable to add item to List. Shows device menu and information Button Operation Operations Actions Turn On Press and hold the button for 3 seconds. I took the SIM out of the T9, dropped it in the router, and it just worked. It lets you know what other notifications to expect in the future. Sorry I couldnt solve your problem but figured Id share my struggles and hopefully well resolve some day. Change the "APN protocol" and "APN roaming protocol" settings to IPv4. It's portable, sleek, and pretty capable. 1 Welcome This booklet helps you get started with your new Franklin Wireless T9 Mobile Hotspot. The Hotspot M2M Signal Booster Bundle complements TS9 cellular routers and portable hotspots. Battery Life: 8 hrs usage, 48 days standby (2450 mAh) Directory. Ill let you know. The Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot is installed with a 2,450 mAh battery. There are 0 customer reviews and 3 customer ratings. To get the Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot connected, you will need to access the control panel beforehand. Open Start > Settings > Update & security > Troubleshoot. If none of these FAQs helped you should contact us. Your feedback has been recorded. Unfortunately, Im in Arizona until late January, so for the next 30 days Ill just have to keep my fingers crossed and hope that the boiler in the cabin basement doesnt fail. Introducing the Franklin T9 Mobile Hotspot. I also thought of the idea to have the outlet that the unit is plugged intoessentially power cycle itself daily, so that the device would restart itself daily and not run into this problem.